Techfibre provides professional process engineering support for companies developing new processes and products. While our team specializes in biomass processing, we are equally well-versed in chemical manufacturing, separation processes, and R&D management.




Our clients generally fall into one of two categories:

  1. 1. Those who are pre-manufacturing and are looking for front-end engineering design support to help them prepare business and marketing plans, raise cash and build a plant, or
  2. 2. Those who are already manufacturing something but are:
    1.        a. Experiencing quality or operating issues,
    2.        b. Wanting to increase throughput, or
    3.        c. Wanting to do/make something else, either for greater profit or to future-proof their business

“Tensei Ltd is in the business of making novel, high-quality nonwood papers for use in decorative laminates such as furniture and flooring. The idea for this business arose after receiving significant interest in agricultural fibre papers crafted by Wade and his team that formed part of a green building materials exhibit held in my architectural gallery in London, England (SCIN gallery). It is through Wade’s technical expertise and contacts throughout the global pulp and paper industry that we have formulated a paper grade that is being aggressively sought after by printers and laminators in Europe and North America. We are currently patenting our technology and scaling up our manufacturing in Europe and are looking forward to full-scale product launch in 2018.”

— Annabelle Filer, President, Tensei Ltd.