Meet our team of highly qualified engineers:

Wade Chute Tech Fibre

Wade Chute


Wade Chute is the President of Techfibre Industries. Wade is a Chemical Engineer with extensive experience in pulp, paper, and allied industries including R&D and processing of textile fibres and waste into pulps for high-quality paper and composite products. Wade specializes in new process development and has directly been involved in the startup of several pilot plants and full-scale manufacturing processes around the world. Wade has a wealth of experience in strategic program development, business development, sales and value-chain development for mechanical pulping, chemical pulping and medium density fibre-board production.

Wade’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of British Columbia. He is a Professional Engineer with APEGA. Currently, Wade is a Sessional Instructor in the Chemicals and Materials Engineering Department at the University of Alberta.

Outside the office Wade enjoys camping, trail running, touring rural Alberta in search of the tastiest mead and the best small-town Chinese food, spending time with his Squirrel and their combined five kids.  Broadly known for his high-quality puns and his paper fetish that borders on the obscene (or at least mildly inappropriate).

Laura Tech Fibre

Laura McIlveen

Process Engineer

Laura McIlveen is a Process Engineer at Techfibre Industries. Laura is a Chemical Engineer with concrete experience in the design, startup and scaleup of projects. She also has experience in supporting her clients through the design and execution of research projects: from conception to bench-scale, pilot-scale and beyond. She is uniquely qualified and experienced in the areas of natural fibre processing and chemical processing. She has served on a provincial government panel to inform and advise on research and development priorities in the forestry and agriculture sectors.

Laura’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Degree from the Univeristy of Alberta. Laura also has completed the Management Essentials Program at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extenion. She is a member of APEGA. Laura has presented on several occasions to industry leaders on biomaterials.

Laura is also a mother of two energetic boys. When she has a moment to spare, she loves to run, read, and volunteer with the Canadian Birkie.

Tech Fibre

Rupinder Sonia

Process Engineer

Rupinder Sonia is a Process Engineer at Techfibre Industries. She is a Chemical Engineer with experience in the pulp & paper industry, in technical & operational planning, and research and development. Her achievements include developing Step Forward Paper, a first of its kind, tree-free copy paper in North America. Rupinder is experienced in pulp refining, handsheet formation, and quality testing of pulp and paper products.

Rupinder’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Engineering in Paper Technology from St. Longowal Institute of Engineering & Technology and a Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering from Panjab University in India. She is a registered Engineer-in Training with APEGA.

On her own time Rupinder likes to take long walks on the beach and listen to music. Rupinder enjoys yoga, meditation and reading in her free time. She keeps herself busy by learning new things like folk dance and piano.

Tech Fibre

Amin Pourmohammadbagher

Process Engineer

Amin Pourmohammadbagher is a Process Engineer at Techfibre Industries. Amin is a Chemical Engineer with experience in petroleum thermodynamics, research and development, and a superb talent of generating novel ideas. He is studious and focused on the goals of his work. While at Techfibre, Amin works on generating new ideas and designing novel methods to execute them. He also uses his computer coding and modelling background to develop different calculators.

Amin has his Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta. In the course of his research he developed concepts and methods for isolating the effects of different industrial parameters on the behaviours of clays + oil + water, including trace contaminants. He graduated with 6 honors and awards and a GPA of 4.0.

In his spare time, Amin volunteers at Let’s Talk Science, a group focused on education and skills development for Canadian children and youth through science, technology, engineering and mathematics-based programs. He enjoys going to escape rooms and solving challenging puzzles. Amin loves camping, hiking, and running, the weather permitting!

Tech Fibre

Jerrod Chute

Operations Assistant

Jerrod Chute is the Operations Assistant at Techfibre. Jerrod has a hardworking mentality and is currently gaining experience in a multitude of projects with Techfibre including desk research, machine refurbishing & installation, and pulp testing.

Jerrod graduated high school with a bilingual (English/French) diploma in 2017. Since her has completed an Electrical Trade Basic Skills course from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Outside of work. Jerrod likes wearing leather jackets and playing the guitar, completing DIY projects including: woodworking, metalworking, and lighting. He enjoys tech-stuff and all-around fixing things.